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  • Fruti Icon Pack
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    Fruti Icon Pack 1.1.0 Apk для Android

    Fruti Icon Pack v1.0.7 – اپلیکیشن آیکون پک سفارشی و منحصر به فرد اندرویدنسخه خریداری شده و کامل برنامه به قیمت 1.99 دلار Fruti Icon Pack عنوان یک آیکون پک سفارشی و منحصر به فرد اندرویدی می باشد که توسط Rahul K Dinesh توسعه و در گوگل پلی منتشر شده است. همه ما از اهمیت […] More

  • Sweet Icon Pack
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    Sweet — Icon Pack 2.6 Apk для Android

    Features:• Frequent Updates.• Alternative Icons.• Dynamic Calendar support.• Icon Request Tool.• Icon Search.On some launchers you need to enter the launcher settings to activate the icon pack. 🙂Supports• Nova Launcher • Apex Launcher• Go Launcher• ADW2• Action Launcher• ABC Launcher• Aviate Launcher• Evie Launcher• Holo Launcher • ICS Holo Launcher• Lucid Launcher • M launcher• […] More

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    BOLD — ICON PACK (SALE!) 2.1.0 Apk для Android

    ATTENTION NOW APP WITH COMPLETELY REDESIGNED ICONSRegular updates are coming!FEATURES : ▸1420+ Extremely high quality icons (MORE COMING)▸Special dock icons.▸Cloud based wallpapers.▸Dynamic Calendar support.▸Icon request tool.▸Regular Updates.SUPPORTED LAUNCHERS : ▸ Nova▸ Lawnchair▸ Apex▸ Action Pro▸ Smart▸ Poco▸ Evie▸ ADW▸ Go▸ MicroSoft▸ TSF▸ hyperion▸ Solo▸ CM theme engine▸ Other launchersSTAY IN TOUCH! complaints?Mail me @ flatedge18@gmail.comWhat’s […] More

  • Aura Icon Pack Rounded Square Icons Logo
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    Aura Icon Pack — Rounded Square Icons 6.5 Apk для Android

    Aura icon pack is a package of IOS like icons with some nice modern gradients. Ultra sleek iconography, 10 wallpapers included and many more to come, 5 kwgt presets and support for all popular launchers like Nova launcher or Lawnchair.A colorful set of icons, consisting of 2.056 icons for now (our plan was to make […] More

  • Tigad Pro Icon Pack Logo
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    Tigad Pro Icon Pack 2.8.8 Apk для Android

    A uniquely designed icon pack in true 3D. Beautiful choice of color palette, You will simply love the artistry in each and every icon.Every icon has been meticulously made and you can feel the hard work gone into it's making.Enjoy my work and creativity on your device.FEATURES• 16K+ Custom Icons, 4 dynamic calendar icons, icon […] More

  • Merlen Icon Pack
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    Merlen Icon Pack 2.6.0 Apk для Android

    Merlen Icon Pack v2.5.0 – اپلیکیشن آیکون پک زیبا و پر طرفدار مرلن اندرویدنسخه خریداری شده و کامل برنامه به قیمت 0.99 دلار Merlen Icon Pack عنوان آیکون پک زیبا و پر طرفدار مرلن می باشد که توسط 3volve توسعه و در مارکت بزرگ گوگل پلی منتشر شده است. اگر ابزار شخصی سازی صفحه نمایش […] More

  • Nebula Icon Pack
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    Nebula Icon Pack 5.0.6 Apk для Android

    Attention: You require a custom launcher for the icon pack to work.Say Hello to Nebula Icon Pack! A set of simple yet sophisticated Icons, with a pop of colors!!Nebula icons will gives you a pleasant, soothing feeling and you will love looking at your homescreen!You can request 10 icons/week which will be themed sooner rather […] More

  • unnamed 763
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    Poppin icon pack 2.0.8 Apk для Android

    Poppin icon pack is delivered in its FULL VERSION, "in-app purchases" are reserved for donations, which means that there are no paid features.The icons of Poppin are drawn High Definition, you can increase or decrease the size with your Launcher without losing quality.I designed Poppin icon pack by drawing all the icons by hand.This gives […] More

  • Vera Icon Pack Beta Release Logo
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    Vera Icon Pack 4.1.2 Apk для Android

    Vera icon pack is a set of colourful icons with modern gradient icons, made for both dark wallpapers and dark setups in general. It goes perfectly on dark and amoled walls and we are sure that if you are a fan of dark setups and glyph icons, Vera will be your favourite!Pack contains1.900 icons25 wallpapers […] More

  • Athena Icon Pack Squircle Icons
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    Athena Icon Pack — Squircle Icons 4.0 Apk для Android

    Athena icon pack is a set of squircle shaped icons with modern and colorful gradient icons, made for both dark and light wallpapers and setups in general. Pixel perfect vector icons, 10 exclusive wallpapers specially made to match the icons, 7 KWGT widgets included and many more to come, with support for all popular launchers […] More

  • Spektrum
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    Spektrum 2.4 Apk для Android

    •Spektrum an new and fresh but different icon pack with awesome colors.•Now what you get when you purchase Spektrum:•Over 1860+ Beautiful icons and more will be added on next updates•1 KLWP (made by me) you need KLWP pro in order to use it•16 custom wallpapers•Cloud-Base Wallpaper Picker•1 sets of folders(you need to manual theme them)•Dynamic […] More